Meet Mel

                      Meli The Creator 

Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with Fashion. Growing up, our hallway closets didn't contain your normal linens. They instead were stuffed full of my Mothers stylish 90's Sweaters and colorful collection of high heels. When mom went out, it took all of 2 minutes until I was head to toe in her clothing. Tube tops made awesome mini skirts and scarves tied around my thighs were just one of my amazing OOTD at 10years old. The hallway for me and my sister, was a long narrow green shag carpet runway. In grade 6 I was the first one to have MC Hammer pants. My mom handmade me the most perfect FULL drop crop pants, complete with a black and white hammer symbol embossed on the right side. In grade 7 I chopped my locks off to get the latest haircut trend. To me, the Mushroom cut was EVERYTHING. The boys could not process it. They nicknamed me penis head but we all know who was being the bigger dick.

At 24 my husband and I built what went on to be three Beautiful Salons which we owned and operated for 11 years. As well, I travelled all over North America Educating Makeup Artists and Hairdressers about the Art of Makeup. It was a decade of my life that I will cherish forever. At that time I thought I had truly found my calling. I was wrong.

In the spring of 2016 my life Imploded. Ill just leave it there...imploding lol. So I made the HARDEST decision I think I've ever have ever had to make. I packed up and left my entire life, eventually moving  back to my home town of Vernon with my dog and no real plan on what we were to do.

August 2016 I was gifted a sewing machine on my 37th birthday. From the moment I taught myself how to thread that needle and gently tapped my foot on the pedal, oh I was seriously hooked. It was as though the flame that had burnt out in my soul finally got lit up ,like LIT AF. Before I started on this brand new career, I had spent decades in uncomfortable outfits, 6 inch stilettos, bunched up pantyhose, waist cinchers, bobby pins jammed into my scalp and  ridiculously long hours on my feet. It was now time to retire that lifestyle and evoke on a more comfortable lifestyle. That is when the Idea of Simple was born.

Simple is more than just a brand.  It is living life doing what you want , when you want and how you want. It is sticking to your truth and being your authentic self no matter what anyone has to say about it.  It is also wearing whatever you want ,no matter how wild or how mundane the look. You do you and you answer to nobody. Because life is to damn short to do anything but be yourself. Did you know that out of 7.846 billion humans there is only ONE OF YOU !

If you actually made it down this, I am honored ! Thank you

Love Meli+Betsey Johnson (the dog)