Custom Clothing

Welcome to our bespoke world where each thread weaves a story of local heritage, craftsmanship, and unparalleled style. Here at Simple Clothing, we take pride in creating custom, handmade clothing that not only accentuates your individuality but also pays homage to our community's rich textile legacy.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of personal touch and the magic of local craftsmanship. Each piece we create is a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the promotion of local artisans. By sourcing our fabrics from local producers, we ensure that every garment not only looks exquisite but also tells a tale of our land's bountiful resources and skilled craftsmanship.

The Journey of Your Garment


Your journey with us begins with a personal consultation where we dive deep into your vision. We discuss your preferences, the occasion for the garment, and how you want to feel when you wear it. This initial conversation is the foundation upon which we build your custom piece.


Armed with your vision, we sketch designs that blend your desires with our aesthetic. We present you with a selection of locally sourced fabrics, each with its own story and character. Together, we select the perfect material that speaks to you and suits the design.


This is where the magic happens. Our skilled artisans, with years of experience and a passion for their craft, bring the designs to life. Every cut, stitch, and embellishment is done with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your garment is a masterpiece of wearable art.

Fitting and Final Touches

We believe in perfection. That's why we invite you for fittings to ensure that your garment fits you flawlessly. Any adjustments needed are made with precision and care, guaranteeing that the final piece exceeds your expectations.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

In an age of fast fashion, we stand out by taking a slower, more thoughtful approach. By sourcing our materials locally, we not only support our community's economy but also reduce our carbon footprint. Each piece is made to order, minimizing waste and ensuring that you receive a garment made just for you.

Join Our Family

When you choose Simple Clothing, you're not just getting a piece of clothing; you're becoming part of a family that values authenticity, sustainability, and personal expression. We invite you to embark on this bespoke journey with us, where your dream garment awaits to become a reality.

Let's create something beautiful together. Connect with us to start your bespoke journey.