THE BRAND , What is Simple ?

Simple is what I believe we could all use a little more of right now, in our crazy culture of over consumption and Fast fashion. Its fucking exhausting . On us and our Earth.

I design clothing from more of an artistic approach, never knowing exactly what my finished garment will be until I am done. I work with solid colored stretch fabrics to drape the body . My finished work ends with  uniquely shaped oversized silhouettes that are to be worn by fashion hungry wolves worldwide 


                                  The Good to knows 

  • Each Garment is handmade from start to finished by me Mel Schmidt
  • Each Garment is one of a kind. Excluding some essentials
  • My Hang Tags double as a Business card (eco friendly)
  • Many pieces can be worn in more then just one way !
  • Most of my designs are all cut intuitively rather than from a pattern or sketch. 
  • I offer Custom orders for almost everything you see on this site and for every size
  • I do my best to seek out and source fabric from dead stock, marketplace and even clients retiring from sewing. 
  • Simple fabric choices are almost always stretch ( Tensel) being the non stretch fabric but the oohhhhh so soft fave we all love
  • Fabric scraps are organized by size so that I have minimal waste. Any leftovers are turned into Scrunchies, Jewellery, Headbands, Tube tops and any scraps left from that process are donated to a local thrift store.