Simple is what I believe we could all use a little more of in life. Our crazy culture of over consumption, hustle cultrure and fast fashion is exhausting. On us and on Mother Earth. Its time to practice slowing down. Its time to simplify what we can and focus on what and whom truly brings us joy.

For Mel, that joy is handmaking intuitevly designed garments. The Simple esthetic is made to have simplistic silhouettes and minimalistic detail. Simple pieces are for the fashion adventurist. Mels designs are intuitevly designed without patterns which make them truly one of a kind pieces.            

The Simple Home on its own is a mystical creature. The three story condo is an artistically designed townhouse that houses the production facility on the main floor. Yep for realz, we do not have a manufactorer.  The  basement is a stunning retail store for the community to shop all things simple. And finally, the third floor is home to the Photography Studio as well as Meli+Betseys bedroom. 

Simple is a direct to consumer brand that uses fabric sourced from deadstock 95% of the time. This is how Simple can make designer handmade goods that don't cost you thousands of dollars. Simple is a true example of what a sustainable clothing company looks like.

Fabrics used in Mel's creations are generally speaking, soft stretchy high quality knit fabric in solo tones making them easy to filter in to your closet and start making friends with your other treasures !                   

                                  The Good to knows 

  • Each Garment is handmade from start to finished by me Mel Schmidt
  • Each Garment is one of a kind. Excluding some essentials
  • My Hang Tags double as a Business card (eco friendly)
  • Many pieces can be worn in more then just one way 
  • Most of my designs are all cut intuitively rather than from a pattern or sketch. 
  • I offer Custom orders for almost everything you see on this site and for every size
  • I do my best to seek out and source fabric from dead stock, marketplace and even clients retiring from sewing. 
  • Simple fabric choices are almost always stretch with some exceptions
  • Fabric scraps are organized by size so that I have minimal waste. Any leftovers are turned into Scrunchies, Jewellery,  Headbands and tube tops
  • Any leftovers not reworked are donated to a local high school in vernon
  • All materials are prewashed and dried before creation begins
  • Almost all of my fabric is available for sale as well
  • I am always open to new ideas 
  • I am always open to taking on apprentices and/or Volenteers
  • I am open to trading clothing for employment
  • Integrity is everything to me. If you have a question about anything, I am always here to answer your questions and/or concerns !