The Fast Forward Lifestyle

There was something very peaceful about watching a show in the 90’s. First of all, you couldn’t just manically binge watch entire seasons of your favourite  series. When the day came that your fave show was on, you were right pumped up . Even your homework got done because those were the rules , shows came after homework or else there were no shows to be had.  And, when I did get my titties busted for doing something stupid, being sent to my room didn’t mean having access to millions of people to talk to on multiple chat avenues. And there certainly wasn’t millions of videos at my sticky little fingertips . No sis. It was just me my Mc hammer doll, multiple Luke Perry posters and a stack of very weathered sweet valley high books. So when the day came that Beverly Hills 90210 aired, I never felt so lit. I pretty much fought to be the one who got to walk up to the cute little tv and twist its ear to the right channel. Oh man was I ever pumped. I mean come on now, I  had waited 7 entire days for this. And that’s got to be forever because it took god that long to build the universe right …..Anyhoot, Once my show started I was laser beam focused. There was no rewinding shit, I paid attention to every second of every minute. Commercials weren’t annoying they were a godsend. How else could I run to the can or go get more snicky snacks ? Even watching the characters in the show, they too had no cell phones. It just gave off a different vibe, a calmer one. They seemed so much more present .Obviously technology is amazing and yes  it does so many incredible things but what’s the price that we are paying. When can we just truly turn off and breath a sigh of relief, when we are dead ?I think I’m becoming aware that it’s time for me to make some serious changes. My Anxiety + ADHD were so much less bothersome back then or dare I say non existent. I think it’s a no brainer that being a kid gave me a leg up but it wasnt as though I had nothing on my plate. On top of having school I signed myself up for gymnastics, karate, swim club, dance class, babysitting, multiple paper routes, fundraising, and not to mention I did all this by way of bicycle. So I had a pretty intense schedule but the difference was that when I was doing one of the ten things, I wasn’t obsessing over the other 9 . Now I wake up phone in hand , checking emails, messages, social media’s all before I’m even standing upright. And honestly I can feel the anxiety surging the second I go down the iPhone rabbit hole. I’m constantly trying to get caught up so that I can feel some sense of relief. But the relief never comes. Emails come flooding back in, messages begin accumulating all over again and the voicemails……ok just kidding , who leaves voicemail’s. So what’s the solution my friends ? How can we get back to a simpler lifestyle ? What systems if any, do you have set in place that helps regulate your stress levels and that keep you feeling present ? Studies show that added stress actually reduces productivity and on top of that increases our cortisol levels which means holding onto fat , typically around the stomach. So my friends, if hustle culture is slowly phasing out and a balanced lifestyle offering more self care is its replacement, than I’m thinking we should all  purchase ourselves a first class one way ticket to personal happiness. So, who’s comin with me ? 

Wishing you a peaceful day , Meli + Betsey 

PS: The photo is me waking up. I needed to use my phone to take the shot so the remote is its stand in lol. Looks super peaceful right ?

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