Be a friend to you

 Its already happening. I'm tearing apart a 5 word sentence like its the shittiest title she has ever written in life. I mean, It is kinda lame but what's lamer is what a total bitch I have been to this poor girl who just continues to show up and try for me, every single day without fail. And what do I do. I tear the bitch apart. From head to fucking toe I rip this chick a new one in the most meticulous gluttonous way without fail. Your fat I tell her...right to her face. Honestly who talks that way to someone ? You have a weak chin and a weak mind. How can you live in that flob kabob body of yours. You are sooo unsuccessful. Your business is a joke. Your skills are sub par and nobody even knows who you are. Now, I don't stay on her heels like that level 10ish for the entirety of the day. "Entirety" . I learned that in the Johnny depp trial.  Love me a sexy court word. Anyhoo, I have windows of building her up, letting her know just how amazing she actually is. That the mean words are only to build her stronger and just to really get her to where she needs to be. She should thank me really. She should pay me actually. Seriously, I'm fucking incredible for her. There is just one problemo with this tough coach bitch role Im playing with her and it is this, It runs the opposing direction to my Inner higher self's belief system. If I believe so strongly in manifestation. If I thrive on knowing that our outer is a reflection of our inner than why would I ever spew this negativity train to anyone ever, period ....peer...eeeee.oooooood. It appears that I am a hypocrite. And once you can see your faults, it is your responsibility to fix that shit.  Ain't nobody got time for a middle aged white lady complaining about her body and life when she is rich beyond belief in so many ways. She's got abundance bitch slappin her upside the head every  damn which way you could slap a ho. So this is what is gonna go down. The delusions must die today. Could it be that SIMPLE ? The universe tells us that it is. Allllllllrighty then here we go girls,  boys and greys

Mel, I want you to know that you are a beautiful creative talented artist with big ideas and when you do something you do it up real good. So, stop stressin all of the fucks out. 

Sincerely, your inner voice 

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