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white plastic threestrand handmade canadian earrings
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model wearing  double link blue and double link white plastic handmade earrings
photo of model wearing triple white chainlink plastic handmade costume jewellry style earrings

Simple Chain link Earrings

Regular price $10.00

Join my simple chain gang with these fun  handmade chainlink Earrings

These super cute lightweight handmade earrings come in colors blue or white . The blue I hand dyed with RIt dye on my stove for 6 hours . I’ve created singles, doubles and triples as well as a special bobbin styled earring so you have plenty of choices on how you want to join my chain gang ! So pick out a pair or three and heh If you would like to be added to this product listing as an earring model simply send me a photo of you wearing your chain earrings and I will happily add you !